Indianapolis Based Trailblazers Revolutionizing the American Horse Racing Industry

Indianapolis, Indiana is renowned as the racing capital of the world, home to the iconic Indy 500 and many other world-class motorsport events. But beyond the nostalgic Brickyard, a firmament of groundbreaking companies call the Hoosier State their home, shaping the automobile racing industry with their forward-thinking ethos. This piece explores some of the notable companies that are driving growth in this high-octane industry.

From cutting-edge racing teams to racing experience firms and premier fitness training entities, these companies collectively embody the essence of the racing industry. Each organization brings a unique blend of ingenuity, ambition, and a relentless pursuit of speed — all crucial elements in this exhilarating sport.

As we delve into the profiles of these companies, you’ll discover a diverse array of enterprises that traverse the landscape of the racing sector. Each is contributing to the growth and development of the racing industry through their various unique services and innovative approaches to racing.

Juncos Hollinger Racing

Juncos Hollinger Racing, co-founded by Brad Hollinger and Ricardo Juncos, has become a staple in the IndyCar series, demonstrating a deep commitment to the racing community. This premier racing team has announced the return of a popular exhibition car, which has been met with enthusiasm from fans and racers alike. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Arrow McLaren SP

As a premier team within the NTT IndyCar Series, Arrow McLaren SP is playing a significant role in shaping the future of the racing industry. Although the company does not provide much information regarding its founders, its significant impact on racing can’t be understated.

Indy Racing Experience

Striving to make race fans’ dreams come true, Indy Racing Experience provides enthusiasts with the chance to experience genuine races on a variety of tracks. You can contact them directly via phone or email, and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

HVM Racing

HVM Racing sits at the intersection of Information Technology and racing, offering innovative solutions in the sporting arena. Although the company isn’t upfront about its founders, it continues to create a buzz in the racing industry. You can follow them at Twitter, and Facebook.

PitFit Training

PitFit Training harnesses the power of fitness and wellness to enhance the performance of motorsport athletes. The company doesn’t provide much information about its founders. However, its dedication to producing elite athletes speaks for itself. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park

The Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park is an iconic location for various racing events. In addition to racing, they offer a range of camping opportunities for racing enthusiasts who love a wholesome outdoor experience. Follow their exciting activities on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Indy Women’s Half Marathon

An unconventional entry in this racing world, the Indy Women’s Half Marathon promotes fitness among women while giving back to the community. They may not involve engines and speedways, but they certainly exemplify the spirit of competition and endurance. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

In conclusion, these companies are steering the racing industry forward in Indianapolis and beyond. Whether they’re putting racers on the track, helping fans experience the thrill of the race, or contributing to the local community, these companies are keeping Indianapolis at the forefront of the global racing scene.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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