San Francisco’s Key Players Redefining the American Racing Industry

In the heart of the Golden State, where the tech industry thrives, there exists a unique fusion between technology and racing industries. San Francisco, California plays host to diverse companies in the racing industry, ranging from gaming to event planning, digital entertainment and more. This article aims to shed light on some of these remarkable companies, detailing their backgrounds, founders, and contributions to their respective industries.

Unquestionably, racing has carved its niche in the world of sports and entertainment. However, this industry is evolving rapidly, moving beyond physical races and breaking into the realm of technology. These highlighted companies serve as roadmaps for innovation, creativity, and groundbreaking solutions within the racing industry.

The diversity of these companies demonstrates the dynamic nature of the racing industry. These enterprises offer innovative solutions, proving that the racing industry can extend beyond traditional tracks, airspace and waters, into digital, cloud, video game as well as event organization spaces among others.


Founded by Anders Rørbæk and Klaus Preisler, Lapio is an industry leader in cloud data services. Since its eye-opening statistics from 2015, this company has continued to grow, creating data synchronization solutions for race timing that just about anyone can easily manage. Lapio has helped to take the racing world by storm through social media integration and an enhanced mobile experience for both event organizers and participants. Facebook, LinkedIn, @LapioInc

Ignite Game Technologies

For fans of video games and online gaming, Ignite Game Technologies might not be a foreign name. Founded by James Synge and Jonathan Haswell in 2008, Ignite has played an important role in the gaming industry, especially within racing games. The company provides online gaming services and remains headquartered in San Francisco. Facebook, LinkedIn, @simraceway

River Studios

Established in 2015 by Mike Rothenberg, River Studios takes a step further, combining different industries such as sports, video games, digital entertainment and racing with virtual reality. River Studios has collaborated with numerous artists and creators globally, including Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bjork. Facebook, LinkedIn, @riverstudiosvr


Venturing into event organization, Voost has its sights set on shaking things up. Founded by Jeff Schnitzer and Jon Stevens, the company aims to maximize profits for event organizers by automating event planning and management. Specifically, Voost targets personal sports racing, with a focus on Cycling. Facebook, LinkedIn, @LeVoost


BoostWorks, known for its creative network acceleration solutions, blends in the racing and product design industries. Founded in France, the company shifted its headquarters to San Francisco and continues improving performance for browser-based applications with its high-quality and award-winning products.


CalSol is leading the way in sustainable racing. The non-profit organization is dedicated to designing and building fully solar-powered vehicles and has raced them in national and international competitions. Facebook, @berkeleycalsol

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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