San Diego’s Noteworthy Champions: Spotlight on Prominent Racing Industry Companies

San Diego: A Rising Hub of the Racing Industry

San Diego, a city known for its pristine beaches and sunny weather, has seen a rise in the presence of companies from unexpected industries: auto racing, sailing, and horse racing, to name just a few. As one of the sporting capitals of the country, it is becoming an increasingly lucrative home base for companies capitalizing on adrenaline-fuelled racing enterprises. These companies, though diverse in their product lines and target markets, share an unwavering passion for speed, innovation, and fair competition.

Located throughout San Diego, these ventures offer a range of commodities and experiences that cater to race aficionados, athletes, and hobbyists alike. With everything from high-performance eyewear to autonomous racing competitions, these companies are not only bolstering San Diego’s local economy but also contributing to the global realm of racing.

In this article, we shine a spotlight on the companies that make up San Diego’s vibrant racing scene, offering insight into their origins, unique selling points, and contributions to the world of sports.


100%, based in San Diego, is an independent sports brand renowned for its top-rated performance eyewear, apparel, and sports protection. Dating back to the 1980s, the brand has since had a significant impact on Motocross Americana, inspiring a new generation of athletes across the globe. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates and product releases.

US Grand Prix Championship

US Grand Prix Championship stakes their claim in San Diego as they spearhead an exclusive prototype motorcycle racing series. They are dedicated to establishing a sport sanctioning body that promotes professional racing across North America. The championship is a blend of high-tech sport and exciting spectacle, earning it a vast audience across the USA and Canada. Stay updated with their progress through their website.


Triton-Ai merges the worlds of racing and AI by developing scaled autonomous driving cars for racing competitions. As a non-profit, they focus on learning AI and strive to make a mark in robotics contests. To learn more about their projects, follow the organization on Facebook or visit their website.

Today’s Racing Digest

Serving as the go-to source for horse racing information, Today’s Racing Digest offers detailed insights and predictions for horses and races. Their readership spans not just San Diego, but the whole world, satisfying a demand for horse racing knowledge online and in print. Follow their Twitter @2daysracedigest for the latest horse racing news.

Mendeola Transaxles

Mendeola Transaxles, stationed in San Diego, is breaking ground in the auto racing industry. Visiting their Facebook page or website will give a better understanding of their contributions to automobile manufacturing for the racing industry.

Mission Bay Yacht Club

Last but not least, the Mission Bay Yacht Club hosts some of San Diego’s most exhilarating sailing and racing experiences. Fostering a vibrant community of boating enthusiasts, it’s a key driver of the city’s tangible passion for water sporting events. See their upcoming events and services on their Facebook page and website.

From professional gears to event organizing and AI-development, these industries have put San Diego on the map as a city complexly interwoven with the fast-paced world of racing. As they continue to innovate and expand, the future of racing in sunny San Diego is, undoubtedly, a thrilling ride.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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