Jersey City’s Thriving Fitness Sector: Spotlight on Top Industry Trailblazers

As the demand for fitness and wellness continues to grow, so do the number of companies that contribute to the industry. This article is part of our series spotlighting companies making an impact in the health and fitness industry, all of which are headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey. Each of these companies plays a unique role in the promotion of health and wellness through various means — from supplements to physical therapy, cognitive training, and more. Let’s dive into these innovative companies making a significant difference in people’s lives every day.

SHREDZ Supplements, LLC

Founded by Arvin Lal, SHREDZ Supplements offers a collection of all-natural, gluten-free fitness supplements. Reaching consumers from over 45 countries, SHREDZ prides itself on being a positive movement in health and fitness, primarily on social media, where their reach extends to over 30 million followers. Follow them on @shredzarmy and Facebook.


Founded by Torkel Klingberg, Cogmed offers evidence-based training solutions for improved cognitive performance. Their scientifically tested and professionally supported training solutions are transforming how individuals are preparing for success. Find them on @cogmed or Facebook.

Club Metro

Club Metro promotes fitness, health care, and wellness right in the heart of Jersey City. They can be followed on @theclubmetrousa and Facebook.

iON Performance Care

Founded by Anthony Davis, iON Performance Care specializes in developing personal care solutions for athletes and active people. Their products are designed to meet the functionality and lifestyle needs of their clients. They believe that appropriate care leads to optimal performance. Find them on @ionperformance or on Facebook.

Anteo Health

With their digital therapy & behavior change program, Anteo Health helps their clients achieve and maintain optimal health. Connect with them on @anteoio or Facebook.

Founded in 2010, is an e-commerce platform with a broad product portfolio including fitness, personal care, and consumer goods and constantly updates deals and ideas for shoppers. Follow them on @soapdotcom or Facebook.

Sun Up Healthcare

Sun Up Healthcare is a medical practice that offers treatments for sport and auto injuries, stress management, scoliosis, sciatica, neck and lower back disc injuries, and headaches. Follow them on @sunuphealthc and Facebook.

Attencia & Penina Mezei

Founded by Elly Kleinman, Attencia & Penina Mezei deliver a range of home health care solutions that aid recovery and independence. Their nursing and residential home health services aim to facilitate healing for individuals after treatment or surgery.

Harborside Sport & Spine

Harborside Sport & Spine specializes in the field of the therapeutic solutions. Follow them on @harborsidespine or Facebook.

Jane DO

Playing a role in the e-commerce, fitness, training, and wellness sectors, Jane DO brings something unique to the table. They can be followed on Facebook.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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