Santa Rosa Fitness Firms: Unveiling California’s Top Health Entrepreneurs

Santa Rosa, California, United States has rapidly grown into a diverse hub sporting numerous companies across various industries, one of the most prominent being Fitness. This article aims to highlight the various companies based in Santa Rosa that cater to the Fitness industry, providing unique and innovative services to aid in health and wellness. From health care and hospitality to recreation and training, let's take a look at these companies and their available services.

At the heart of Santa Rosa, companies such as Advanced Tachyon Technologies, Montecito Heights Health Club, and Poppy Bank Epicenter, amongst others, have established their names by prioritizing fitness, wellness and healthy lifestyles. These companies continually innovate, striving to provide the best services and products in the industry. This article aims to provide a snapshot of these companies, their backgrounds, and links to their websites and social media platforms for your convenience.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a casual gym goer, or a business-minded individual interested in the industry, these Santa Rosa-based companies are sure to captivate you with their dedication, drive and distinctly Californian spirit. Let's embark on a journey to explore these companies and discover what makes each of them unique.

Advanced Tachyon Technologies

Co-founded by David Wagner, this company operates in the fitness and health care industries. Get in touch with them on Facebook, LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @tachyon_news.

Montecito Heights Health Club

Located in the heart of Santa Rosa, this company offers services in the Fitness, Health Care, Hospitality, and Wellness industry. For more information, visit their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or follow them on @montecitoheight on Twitter.

Poppy Bank Epicenter

Operating in the Fitness, Recreation, and Sports industries, Poppy Bank is an ideal destination for all fitness enthusiasts. Visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile for the latest updates and announcements.


Offering a range of services in the Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness industry, HALOLife is a force to be reckoned with. Visit their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or follow them on Twitter.


For fitness enthusiasts interested in rock climbing, Vertex provides all the expertise and guidance needed. They also provide training in yoga and Pilates. For more updates, visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Soulstice Mind + Body Spa

Founded by Kayse Gehret, Soulstice Mind + Body Spa offers services in the fitness, healthcare, and wellness industry. Visit their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or follow them on Twitter.

Santa Rosa Physical Therapy

This company specializes in the healthcare field, tackling pain issues and providing one-on-one treatment and generic exercise programs in a relaxed and positive environment. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Adventure Inwellbeing

For health and wellness enthusiasts, this company offers effective Body Cleanse, Hydrotherapy, Detox and nutritional programs. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates and services.

Rise Cycle

Rise Cycle is an indoor cycling studio offering diverse fitness services including beat-driven barre classes and instructor-led strength training classes. Visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile for more information.

Montecito Heights

Montecito Heights, located in Santa Rosa, delivers services in the Fitness, Training, and Wellness industry. Visit their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile for the latest updates.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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