Quincy Fitness Industry Powerhouses: Highlights from Quins Sports Magazine

Welcome to yet another edition of our series focusing on fitness companies located in Quincy, Massachusetts. This town in the heart of the United States has become a hotspot for companies striving to shape the future of fitness and wellness. In this feature, we dive deep into the profiles of some staple companies that call Quincy home. Ranging from telecommunications service providers supporting fitness companies to boutique fitness centers, these companies showcase the broad spectrum of innovation in the Fitness industry right here in Quincy.

Quincy holds a myriad of fitness-related companies that cater to different demographics. From services offering high-level human performance training to fulfilling the needs of health-conscious consumers seeking nutrition and personal health counseling, these companies are built on the foundation of effective solutions to promote a healthier lifestyle. We invite you to learn more about these businesses, their founders, and the vital work they’re doing in our shared commitment to fitness and wellness.

So without further ado, let’s meet the Fitness industry game-changers based in Quincy that have made it their mission to help people lead healthier, more active lives. On our journey, we’ll explore the backgrounds of these companies, find out about their offerings, and see how they’re contributing to the vibrant fitness landscape in Quincy.

Granite Telecommunications

Founded by Rob Hale, Granite Telecommunications has cemented its place as a preeminent telecommunications solutions provider, serving businesses across the United States and Canada. Scalable, custom solutions allow them to cater to multi-location companies, making them an industry leader in corporate phone services. Stay connected with them on @GraniteTelecom and Facebook. You can also check out their professional journeys on LinkedIn.


Emerging from the concept of VO2 Max, which is considered the golden standard in measuring cardiovascular fitness, O2X is on a mission to provide extraordinary Human Performance training. Their primary targets are first responders, military personnel, and other tactical athletes. Make sure to follow them on @o2xhp and Facebook, and check out their profile on LinkedIn for more details.

Fit Factory

Fit Factory offers a range of fitness, healthcare, and wellness solutions for individuals looking to maintain or improve their health. You can follow their latest updates on @fitfactoryclubs and Facebook, or check out their LinkedIn profile.


On a mission to create a healthier society, NuVal is deeply rooted in fitness, healthcare, nutrition, and wellness. Visit them on their LinkedIn page for more details.

In Sync Center of the Arts

Founded by Teri Mangiaratti, the In Sync Center of the Arts promotes wellness through fitness, music, and performing arts. They offer a holistic approach to wellbeing encompassing body and mind. You can follow their initiatives on Facebook.

Quincy Yoga & Massage

Quincy Yoga & Massage is an all-inclusive wellness center providing yoga, strength training, and meditation classes for all levels. They also offer massage therapy to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. Check them out on @yogaandmassage, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information.

ATCK Fitness

Another worthy entrant in Quincy’s fitness scene is ATCK Fitness. They provide diverse fitness, healthcare, and wellness solutions. You can follow their latest updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Quincy continues to shine as a hub for fitness and wellness companies. These organizations are not just serving the local community but influencing fitness markets across the country. As fitness remains a priority for many in the modern world, the work of these companies underscores the important role that Quincy plays in the broader fitness and wellness industry.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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