Top Fitness Companies Thriving in Long Island City, New York


When it comes to health clubs, boutique studios and fitness trends, Long Island City, New York, is a burgeoning hub where the fitness industry thrives. From age-specific wellness solutions to exclusive tech-based fitness systems, this area hosts some of the most innovative companies that are not just challenging but redefining the fitness landscape. This is why we, at Quins Sports magazine, have set off to introduce our readers to these companies that are using fitness to innovate wellness, care, rehabilitation, and sports.

Proteus Motion

Founded in 2016 by Sam Miller, Proteus Motion is at the forefront of fitness technology. Their patented Proteus system is an innovative midway towards intelligent exercise and rehab equipment. Proteus Motion elevates the training experience by aiding neuromuscular stimulation using 3D resistance, similar to that experienced in water or mud movements. With comprehensive software that profiles strength, the system can produce more efficient movement patterns, thus leading to accelerated muscle memory.

AgeWell New York

AgeWell New York represents the amalgamation of healthcare and fitness. Offering reliable health and wellness solutions to seniors, AgeWell New York ensures the promotion of an overall healthy lifestyle for seniors. You can stay updated with their work via their Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

Eat Better Meals

Founded by Daniel Gross, Eat Better Meals is redefining nutrition and wellness. The company is a boon for those seeking healthier food options that can be directly delivered to their homes. The company’s number one goal is to make it easy for everyone to embrace healthier eating habits. Find out more about their delicious, fully cooked meals on their Facebook page.

HealFast Products, Inc.

HealFast stands out as a significant player in the fitness industry blending alternative medicine, biotechnology, dietary supplements, and health care. Their flagship product is a physician-formulated nutraceutical program that promotes recovery from surgery, injury, and strenuous sports. Stay informed about their innovative solutions on their Facebook page.


Saf-T-Swim is a unique swim school which operates throughout the year ensuring utmost safety during swimming lessons. They are dedicated to making swimming a fun and safe experience for all. Keep up with Saf-T-Swim on Facebook.


Combining aspects from fitness, food, and health care, NuKitchen offers premium, freshly prepared meals explicitly designed for weight management and healthy living. With NuKitchen, healthy eating is undeniably a veritable treat.

Gold Coast Baseball Academy

Gold Coast Baseball Academy, an athletic centre that nurtures student-athletes, ambitiously integrates academics, athletics, and life wisdom. Committed to shaping their players for success, the academy provides numerous educational tools that foster development at multiple levels. Get in touch with them on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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