Wilmington’s Premier Sporting Goods Providers: A Look into Delaware’s Mavericks

For the ardent sports enthusiast, there is something unerringly appealing about sporting goods. Be it the cutting-edge golf clubs or the most technologically advanced snorkeling equipment, these innovative products accentuate the performance and experience of the sportsperson. Wilmington, Delaware, signifies more than just its usual tag of the corporate capital of American businesses. It is also the hub of several groundbreaking sporting goods companies, developing creative and progressive offerings that cater to a vast array of sports. In this article, we will spotlight companies headquartered in Wilmington, that have etched a significant presence in the Sporting Goods sector.

The fascination and passion for sports have given rise to a plethora of start-ups and established businesses in the sporting goods industry. This concentration of businesses in one region has led to Wilmington having a distinctly thriving sporting goods industry. The sheer diversity of these enterprises ranges from companies that deal with sports gear to firms focused on creating sports apparel, the city has managed to capture a comprehensive spectrum of the industry.

With a keen focus on revolutionary designs, comfort, and safety, these companies lead the charge in shaping the industry’s landscape, composing a booming ecosystem of innovative creations. Let’s delve deeper into these companies and learn more about their pioneering contributions to the world of sports.

3 STEP Sports

3 STEP Sports is a distinguished company within youth sports. They are involved in owning and managing youth sports clubs, operating youth sporting events and camps, and selling related apparel. Their dedication to cultivating a passion for sport in the younger generation has driven their success in the industry. Check out their Facebook page for regular updates.


UNIT 1 is a magnet for action sports enthusiasts. Co-founded by Francisco Abelleira, Javier Bertani, and Juan Garcia illa Mans, the company stands as an epitome of innovation in the field of sporting goods. Their flagship product, Soundshield, is an action sports helmet with detachable wireless headphones, redefining music in action sports. You can stay connected with UNIT 1 via their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Rukket Sports

Rukket Sports covers a wide spectrum that features golf, shipping, soccer, and of course, sporting goods. This versatility in their business has allowed them to become a notable name within the industry. Connect with them on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn profile.

SNKR Stadium

SNKR Stadium has built its reputation as a unique footwear retail store. Providing an experience unlike any other, they have marked their presence on the global map of sporting goods companies. They offer retail/consignment services and ship their products globally. Stay in the loop via their Facebook page.

JOG Athletics

JOG Athletics has tailor-made its services to resonate with the passionate sportsperson. Catering to colleges, universities, associations, and leagues, the company offers sportswear, apparel, hockey jerseys, soccer jerseys, and baseball jerseys. Connect with them on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn page.


SEA VOICE INC, founded by Andrii Kryvonos, Daniil Podkopaiev, Roman Pliskovskyi, and Yurii Oposhnii, takes pride in developing unique diving equipment to expand individual capabilities in water spaces across the globe. They are famed for their full-face masks for snorkeling with a periscope and a possible connection of an air-tank. Other standout products include two-way radios for swimmers, athletes, tourists, and rescuers, glasses with suckers for almost any masks, automatic bands of controlled buoyancy, and electric underwater tows with attachment to a body of a swimmer. Connect with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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